Admissions & Referrals

We welcome referrals from individual academies, schools and commissions from local authorities. Referrals are accepted for individual places, which we term ‘in-reach’ provision for either primary or secondary.

At KS2 and KS3 we provide 6-12 weekly assessment places, where we carry out a holistic assessment of individual needs, prior to transitioning a student back into their substantive mainstream place or identified specialist provision.  

At KS4 we offer longer placements to support students with a bespoke learning package, incorporating both GCSE core subjects and vocational options to provide a pathway into post-16 education or training.

Continuity of education is important for every young person, to ensure inclusion and engagement. Therefore when considering making a referral it is important to include as much information as possible to enable the moderation process to run smoothly and an outcome secured.

Incomplete referrals or referrals lacking enough information in which to make a reasoned and professional judgement will be returned.

In addition, prior to referral we welcome an opportunity to discuss the nature of the referral, undertake an academy or school visit for assessment, and professional dialogue with all stakeholders.

Processes are simple, effective and always designed to meet the individual needs of learners and ensure the confidence of all parties in agreeing provision.

Email completed referral to:

Referral process

Our referral process involves assessment and planning, enabling staff to develop a programme and an Individual/Personalised Learning Plan which:

  • meets the specific needs of the young person
  • delivers a broad and balanced curriculum in line with National Framework for Key Stages 2 to 4 (8 to 16-year-olds)
  • identifies a Personal Learning Advocate (PLA) to support the child/young person throughout their involvement with St Wilfrid’s Academy

The PLA’s work closely with families throughout the referral process to encourage engagement and support for sustainable progress for the learner.

Following a request for provision, staff will:

  • liaise with the key referrer to discuss the placement and support requirements of the learner
  • set a clear timetable of data gathering from schools, parents and agencies
  • ask the referrer to submit a completed Referral Form
  • arrange a visit with parents/carers and the young person to explain the educational offer, discuss expectations and responsibilities, and sign a pupil, parent/carer and school agreement
  • produce a risk assessment based on the completed Referral Form and the visit
  • arrange an introductory visit to the academy for the young person and their family
  • agree an integration timetable with the young person, family and key referrer.