The aim of the ICT department is to lay a foundation of safe use of technology, along with the core skills required for success in other subjects. We would like all students to enjoy their ICT experience at St Wilfrid’s and  would like everyone to develop ICT skills whilst having fun and gaining transferable skills that are relevant to their own lives and experiences.


Topics covered at KS3 include Digital Creativity, Digital Citizenship and an introduction to Computing. This curriculum allows the students to develop a full range of skills and expand on the students existing ICT skills in a way that gives them a sense of the practical purposes of their increased knowledge.

KS4 - BCS Level 2 Certificate in IT User Skills (ECDL)

Qualification Aim:
The aim of this qualification is to recognise the application of a range of IT user skills and knowledge in the workplace, meeting employer workforce demands.

ECDL Extra is a fixed combination, and promotes the efficient use of popular office application software including word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations. The achievement can be used towards a flexible level 2 diploma or towards higher level qualification, such as a level 3 certificate or diploma.


Word processing

Develops the learner’s ability to create word-processed documents: entering text, editing and formatting work, using graphs, tables and pictures for a professional finish, and effectively using tools such as the spell-checker and mail merge.

Spreadsheet software

Helps the learner develop a working knowledge of spreadsheets, from entering data and formatting worksheets, to creating charts and producing high-quality documents.

Presentation software

Shows the learner how to produce high-quality presentations using a variety of tools including charts, graphs and drawn objects.

Improving productivity using IT

Enables the learner to work more effectively with IT. This unit looks at using tools to save time and effort when producing word processed documents, presentations and spreadsheets. 

Units are assessed using an automated testing system online.

Career Pathways:

ICT now penetrates every type of work. It is a dynamic and ever changing subject that opens up many different future paths and will stay with you and affect future decisions.

Careers using ICT may include: