Taking PRIDE around the Academy

In September 2016 we launched 'PRIDE', the ethos which underpins everything we do at St Wilfrid's Academy:

Pride in yourself; be proud of your work; be proud of your appearance and how smart you look; be proud of our fantastic school environment.

Respect: Ensure everyone feels valued and safe by treating all members of our learning community with respect and kindness.

Impeccable conduct: Ensure your behaviour helps to maintain a calm, orderly and purposeful environment, both in and outside of lessons.

Determination and hard work will help you to succeed and to realise your full potential.

Engage positively and contribute to the achievements and success of our learning community: Be part of our team.


 Throughout 2017/18 our two key priorities are:

• To continue to embed a sense of ‘PRIDE around our Academy’

 •To be part of our learning community and the wider community/society.


Over the academic year, pupils will organise a range of activities and events which will incorporate our ethos and involve different members of the community, whilst also fundraising for a range of charities.  Please follow our Twitter page (SWA_Acad) and see our website news items for more details.