Numeracy at St Wilfrid's

Why is Numeracy so important? 

St Wilfrid’s Academy strongly supports the belief that good numeracy is the best protection against unemployment, low wages and poor health. We use Maths in every aspect of our life. From going shopping to decorating a room, to planning your personal finances to dieting. Numeracy is the ability to use Maths in real life context. To make the best decisions in life we need to be numerate.

There is substantial evidence that low numeracy skills are associated with poor outcomes:  

  • Employment
  • Wages
  • Health
  • Social, emotional and behavioral difficulties
  • School exclusions
  • Truancy
  • Crime 

At St Wilfrid’s Academy we are in the process of developing Numeracy across the curriculum and promoting Numeracy throughout the whole academy so every student and every staff member has the opportunity to develop their Numeracy skills and build on their confidence. We have a number of initiatives and ideas that are ongoing and starting to be introduced:

  • We have created the ethos “SWA CAN do Maths” to try to eliminate the poor attitudes towards Maths and to try and shift the culture that it is acceptable to say “I can’t do Maths” by both adults and students.

  • You start to see displays being put up around the academy and in classroom areas to raise awareness and promote ‘Learning outside the classroom’. Maths will be everywhere you look!

  • Strong links will be formed between Literacy and Numeracy to break down barriers for students who have low literacy levels and struggle with ‘worded questions’ and problem solving.

  • Numeracy challenges and problems will be introduced into a ‘Numeracy specific form time’ which will give students chance to have a go at real-life Maths problems they can relate to and see that Numeracy skills aren’t just needed in your Maths lessons!