Mission Statement

Our vision for St. Wilfrid’s Academy is to create an outstanding alternative provision where:

Our pupils:

  • Feel safe, valued and part of a community
  • Are inspired and supported to choose to reengage in learning
  • Develop positive emotional and social interactions with our learning community
  • Develop a sense of self-belief, aspiration and pride in their ability and achievements.

Our staff:

  • Feel valued, supported and proud to be part of the team
  • Strive for excellence in everything they do
  • Hold pupils’ best interests at the heart of every decision they make
  • Feel inspired and positively challenged, to continually develop professionally

Our parents/carers:

  • Feel reassured that their children are being well cared for and supported to be the best they can
  • Are kept informed of their child’s progress and of academy developments, via regular and effective communication
  • Feel comfortable to contact the academy at any time or visit us to discuss their child
  • Know their voice is heard and counts towards their child’s success and moving the academy forwards

Our stakeholders:

  • Are communicated with regularly and updated on academy progress
  • Take a key role in the QA process, supporting academy improvement through robust and rigorous monitoring
  • Provide support through external challenge and sharing their expertise
  • Feel their voice and input helps to shape academy development and contribute to its success


At St Wilfrid's we aim to provide a high quality, effective and inclusive alternative provision; providing educational and learning environments for challenging and vulnerable children and young people.

Alternative education at St Wilfrid’s Academy offers all through primary and secondary solutions for a wide range of vulnerable learners

We offer alternative provision to include both full-time and part-time education for young people displaying a wide range of complex barriers to education, including those who are at risk of exclusion and those with social, emotional and mental health needs or special educational needs.

We provide children and young people aged 4 to 16 with alternative education in order for them to progress and succeed in sustained education or employment. We do this through high quality teaching and learning based on effective relationships that enable the achievement of life skills and meaningful qualifications.

We offer a balanced curriculum as well as vocational subjects and have high aspirations for all learners, with an expectation that all secondary learners will work toward achieving at least 5 GCSEs.

St Wilfrid’s Academy also provides full-time alternative education to primary pupils and secondary students with an emphasis on transition and re-engagement back into mainstream education or employment.

We support vulnerable young people with challenging behaviours to realise their full potential, achieve academic and vocational targets, and progress into education, training and employment.